Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bin Laden calls on Muslims to support Palestinians

Istanbul, Jan 15 (DPA) Muslims around the world should come to the support of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, according to a message allegedly released by Osama bin Laden, leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist network on the Internet Wednesday.
Bin Laden said in the 22-minute long audio message that Muslims should either directly support the fight against the Israeli offensive into the Gaza Strip.
According to the message, diplomatic meetings on the topic were pointless. 'The only way to free the al-Aqsa mosque and Palestine is through Holy War.'
Bin Laden also expressed his delight at the ongoing financial crisis which has weakened the United States which, after Israel, is the Muslim world's greatest enemy, the recording said.
Bin Laden said Israel has carried out a 'horrible massacre' in the Gaza Strip.
Additionally, the message, which may be up to four days old, said Al Qaeda hopes to open additional fronts in its battle with the heathens. Muslims should also support holy warriors in Somalia, the Maghreb and the Pakistani province of Waziristan, Laden said.
Addressing Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, bin Laden said: 'We feel for you, because the same airplanes with which you are being attacked are being used against us. We link our fate to yours.'

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